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September, back to school activities 1

September 9, 2014

Educators around the world will get to know new students, in new classrooms. It’s ‘time to get to know each other!’. I am collecting activities to get to know each other in a fun way.
Today: Name games
Here are a few.

jelly beans

Jolly Joan I (shown to me by Gerrit Maris)
Conditions: For big and small groups. Your students need to know how to write.
Make a circle. Each in turn student will say their name and and precede it with an adjective that they think can illustrate a small aspect of who they are. Jolly Joan! Bouncy Bilal! Vampy Visnja, Antsy Ana! Earthy Einar!
Tip: The adjective functions as a memory technique to help remember names.


Jolly Joan! II
Conditions: same as Jolly Joan I
• A follow up activity of Jolly Joan I is to continue the circle randomly. The first student choses another and says her adjective and name and then this student’s adjective and name.
• Each student does the same randomly.
Tip: Make sure everyone is called on


Ball of greetings (shown to me by Gerrit Maris)
Conditions: enough room to safely throw a soft ball.
• Throw a ball to one student. While you do this, enounce clearly and loudly your name and hers.
• She throws to another person in the circle, says her name and his etc.
• The game goes on until everyone can play without making mistakes.
Tip: Start slow and speed it up as you go and student start memorizing names.


Secrets in a basket (shown to me by Gudrun Ragnarsdottir)
Conditions: you need enough time to go through everyones slips, no one should be left out!
• Ask students to write something unusual about themselves on a slip of paper. Warn them that this will be made public. Put all papers in a basket. Regularly, when you need a break during class, go to the basket an pull out a random paper.
• Read what is on it. Students must guess whom it belongs to and call this person’s name.
• If this person in not the author of the paper he stands up.
• Go on until the class find the author.
• When the author is found let her say a few words to explain what she wrote on the slip.


Come, be my neighbour! (shown to me by Carmen Becker)
Conditions: none
• Make a circle. Create a gap between two participants.
• The person to the left to the gap has to choose a new neighbour by saying: ‘to my right the space is free. I wish came to me’. The person called has to take the place.
• The one that has the empty space on her right is the next to wish for a new neighbour, etc. until the whole group has been called.
Tip: it is important that each student be called at least once! Leave no one behind.

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