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Debating Europe

January 27, 2015

I just participated in

It was a very interesting experience to be asked to respond to students statements on diverse issues: is tolerance born or learnt?

I was asked the following questions:

Patrick thinks that tolerance is not innate, but must be basically lived and taught and for this reason, it is a fundamental error in the educational policy and cultural policy to save money.  Do you agree with Patrick?

James believes it is imperative that anyone wishing to live in any country speak the native language of the host country, which not only aids integration but also enhances the chances and opportunities for work.  What would you say to him?

Anthony thinks that mixed-language education programs do not help kids integrate and learn the language faster; he is rather in favour of a single language education.  What would you say to Anthony?

Alexandra’s thinks all Europeans should acquire full command of at least 2 other European languages, apart from their native language.  Do you agree with her?

Paul thinks that you don’t need to go to the extreme of “hate speech” to have you freedom of speech questioned and that you can’t say you disagree with immigration without being called xenophobic.  What would you say to Paul?

They selected one of my responses: the gist of which is that teachers need to be educated in tolerance to teach tolerance.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 08.43.52

Diversity in the classrooms of Europe :                    is tolerance born or learnt?

Debating Europe is designed to engage citizens and policymakers in an ongoing conversation on a range of vital issues shaping our future. It’s based on a simple model: citizens ask questions, policymakers and experts respond. It’s proved to be a popular idea: in under three years, it’s built-up a 500,000 strong community of citizens and over 175,000 Facebook and Twitter followers from across Europe to debate with its leaders. To date a selection of 30,000 questions have been put to over 900 key policymakers and experts. check out some of the debates: click here.

Now will policy-makers  be genuinely interested? … Anyhow, the experience was engaging and I was able to send  a positive message to my networks.

Engage you students: all students can participate in this initiative!

(an online discussion platform launched in 2011 in partnership with the European Parliament, Microsoft, Gallup and Skype)

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