Online communities are shifting our means of learning

Learning and development. This month, I refer readers to an article just published the European Lifelong Learning Magazine Magazine with thanks for the invitation to write an opinion piece. I chose to write about how may online communities represent the future of learning.

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Prospering in a world of wild disruption requires us to develop ‘our selves’ at a rapid pace. Perhaps this is one reason why, leaving the traditional pathways, many of us are creating our own learning communities beyond habitual institutional structures.

Today, I invest 4 to 8 hours a week in my small ‘online learning communities’. By joining circles that are set to change something in the world, I learn a lot, more than any single training programme has taught me in recent years

I learn what I need and just in time. These circles are enticing, whereas I now get so bored in traditional courses and training.

Do I still need schools, programmes or institutions for my continued development? Lately, my experience has been ‘no, no longer’. In online conversational learning spaces, deep, meaningful learning occurs and that ‘thing’ we are set to transform turns out most often to be our own self.

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One thought on “Online communities are shifting our means of learning

  1. Dear Pascal, currently I have a corona virus. I can’t wait to read, just to be better. All the bedt to you!

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