Conferences and courses


June 2022: Sociocracy and democracy: using Cards for Democracy to develop inner conditions for power-with relationships.

May 2022: Building and nurturing professional learning communities (OPLC) – EWC for National Teacher Education Centres in Ukraine.

May 2021: Keynote speech. Perspectives for civic education in Europe today: policies and practices to meet an equity agenda. 

November 2021: Building trust within learning communities. National Workforce Registry Alliance, (NWRA), USA.

April 2021: Deep listening for social transformation, a warm data lab for teachers. L2C, Online international network

October 2020 – Conversation as an ecology of learning. National Workforce Registry Alliance, (NWRA), USA.

November 2019 – Educating with Cards for Democracy for the prevention of violence and discrimination. International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE), Another Brick in the Wall. Amsterdam, Netherlands

November 2019 – Prévenir les ‘Violences éducatives ordinaires’. Eurométropole, Strasbourg, France

September 2019 –  Education in an Era of Risk – the Role of Educational Research for the Future. European Education Research Association Annual Conference (ECER), Hamburg, Germany

Mai 2019  – Enjeux des processus d’évaluation et de régulation dans des dispositifs numériques promouvant des pratiques de démocratisation de production et d’accès au savoir. Rencontre Internationale du Réseau Recherche Education Formation (REF). Toulouse, France

August 2018  – A place for everyone in a knowledge society. Knowledge Building International, Toronto, Canada

March 2018 – Définir le projet éducatif de la ville de Strasbourg/Eurométropole.  Strasbourg, France

August 2017 – Reforming Education and the Imperative of Constant Change: Ambivalent roles of policy and the role of educational research. European Educational Research Association, Annual Conference (ECER) : . Copenhagen, Denmark.

September 2015 – Addressing Extremism through Education. Project Showcase and Debate. Conference ‘Human Rights and Democracy in Action’ , Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France.

April 2014 – The professional image and ethos of teachers. The Pestalozzi programme & Education and Culture Commission of the Conference of INGO of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France.

February 2013 – Skills for a culture of democracy and intercultural dialogue: a political issue and values, introduction to workgroup, Conference organized by the Andorran Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on . Andorra la Vella, Andorra.

May 2012 – Keynote speech, Teacher Education Policy in Europe. TEPE Network Conference on Research, Policy and Practice in Teacher Education in Europe. (see Warsaw, Poland

June 2010 – 23rd Session of the Council of Europe Standing Conference of Ministers of Education
, presentation of subtheme on ‘Teacher social recognition and professional development”, in Ljubljana, Slovenia


May 2022: Teacher academy. Educating for democracy and Teaching European values. Teachers4Europe Network Erasmus+ event.

March-July 2022: Building trust and agency through in online professional learning communities (OPLC) – EWC Staff and Teacher organisations in Ukraine.

May 2021: Professionalisation & learning in online professional learning communities (OPLC). University of Iceland, MA course

June 2021: Faciliter et favoriser la Posture de coopération, 3-day training with the Laboratoire du Collectif, Strasbourg, France

Wergeland Center training courses and seminars

2018-2019 – Implementing the Reference Framework of Competence for a Democratic Culture, (Council of Europe), modules (Kiev Ukraine)

2019 – Establishing a Regional network of education professionals for Implementing the Reference Framework of Competence for a Democratic Culture, (Council of Europe), modules (Kiev, Ukraine – Tbilissi, Georgia)

2019 – “Citizenship Education in the Modern World” (Becici, Montenegro)

Council of Europe training courses and  seminars: Pedagogical consultant and facilitator

(modules are a 18-month blended learning course with publication gathering each 35 teacher educators, education researchers, teachers, school heads, psychologists, and education ministry employees;  – see )

2006-2007 – Intercultural education, modules (Strasbourg – Norway)

2006-2007 – Education for democratic citizenship, modules (Strasbourg – Slovenia)

2007-2008 – History education and multi-perspectivity, modules (Strasbourg – Greece)

2007-2008 – Linguistic and cultural diversity, modules (Hungary)

2008-2009 – Medial literacy modules (Hungary- Austria)

2008-2009 – Cooperative learning for teachers, seminar (Germany)

2009-2010 – EDC: core competences for teachers, modules (Strasbourg – Greece)

2009-2010 – Prevention of crimes against humanity, modules (Strasbourg – Poland)

2010-2011 – World views in education, modules (Strasbourg- Austria)

2010-2011 – Core transversal attitudes, skills and knowledge, modules (Strasbourg – Cyprus)

2011-2012 – Education for the prevention of discrimination, modules (Strasbourg – Belgium)

2011-2012 – Education for the prevention of violence in schools, modules(Strasbourg – Spain)

2012-2013 – Social media for democratic participation (Strasbourg- Turkey)

2013-2014 – Sex/sexuality education and Personal development (Strasbourg- xxx)

2013-2014 – Respect in the virtual social space (Strasbourg- Belgium)

2014-2015 – Sports education for Human Rights (Strasbourg- Cyprus)

2014-2015 – Evaluation and assessment of transversal attitudes, skills and knowledge (Strasbourg-Malta)

2015-2016 – Strengthening Education for democracy: Competence for a Democratic Culture

2015-2016  – From remembrance… to the prevention of radicalisation and crimes against humanity

Landesakademie für Fortbildung und Personalentwicklung an Schulen, Baden Württemberg, Germany: Director of studies for the Annual Summer Schools

(the  Summer School are intensive 8-day academies for 70 teachers, school heads, psychologists, and education ministry employees)

2013 – Summer School: Understanding Diversity (Landesakademie Baden Württemberg)

2014 – Summer School: Promoting Participation (Landesakademie Baden Württemberg)

2015 – Summer School: Pedagogy makes the difference (Landesakademie Baden Württemberg)

Other training courses and seminars:

2008-2010 – Training with 30 teachers from Europe and the middle East How to cope with diversity in the classroom: teaching and learning about religious diversity, Amman, Jordan

2009-2011 –  Two-year training module for teachers to become teacher trainers in intercultural education.  Skopje, Macedonia/ Pristina, Kosovo

Oct 2010 – Teacher training on transversal competences for sustainable democratic societies, Icelandic Teachers’ association, Reykjavik, Iceland

Nov 2011 – Academic seminar on teacher education and resistance to change, University of Reykjavik, Iceland

 June-July 2012 – Summer Academy (8 days) for school head, teachers and parent association leaders ‘Human rights in action!’. Cetinje, Montenegro

November 2012 – One week course on ‘cooperating in groups’, for Masters and Bsc students at the University of Educational Sciences, Department of Ethics and Didactics in Vilnius, Lithuania

May 2015 – National Seminar for 30 school principals (High school level): How to support School Leadership for Equity and Learning”, for the Ministry of Education and Municipality of Chișinău. Chișinău, Republic of Moldova: